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Chris Palmer

I curate solo piano music, calming Celtic music, calming pop guitar & piano covers, hip-hop. I have tens of thousands of followers on Twitter and Tumblr.

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Almost Famous Indie Pop Songs

Peaceful Ethereal Piano Music 🎹

Romantic Piano Moods 🎹

Calming Celtic Instrumentals

Sad & Mourning Songs 😢 Crying Your

Indie Pop

Calming Instrumental Pop Covers

Relaxing Piano Music 🎹

Not Famous But Awesome Rappers

Solo Piano Pieces of Chris Palmer �

DnD Music for Epic Battles / D&D Fa

Resting by the Campfire - Calm DnD

Heartwarming DnD Music / D&D Fanta

Standard Combat DnD Music / D&D Fan

DnD Music for Low-Intensity Combats

Indie & Trending Hip-Hop Music 👑

Bardcore / Tavernwave

Not Famous but Awesome IDM Music

High-Intensity DnD Music for Boss F

D&D Ambient

DnD Music for High-Intensity Combat

LoFi Hip Hop Beats to Study

Female Hip Hop Artists 👑

Happy Dance by the Bonfire DnD Musi


DnD Music for Triumphant Scenes /

Low-Intensity Boss Fights DnD Music

Hot Dance/Electronic Music

Not Famous But Awesome Deep House /

French Café Lounge

Stealth DnD Music

DnD Music for Chasing Scenes / D&D

Cathedral DnD Music / D&D Fantasy R

Enchanted Forest DnD Music / D&D F

Tense DnD Music/ D&D Fantasy RPG

Fighting with Demonic Creatures DnD

Electro House Tracks

Lighthearted Combat DnD Music / D&D


Sad DnD Themes / D&D Fantasy RPG

Tavern of Chalmeris

DnD Music for Funerals / D&D Fantas

Calming Jazz For Sleep

Epic Heroic Defeat and Death DnD Mu

Infinite Layers of the Abyss DnD M

Naval Combat / D&D Fantasy RPG

Preparing for Battle DnD Music / D&

Comical DnD Music / D&D Fantasy RPG

Shaketh Thy Bottom - Happy Tavern

DnD Music for Tough Battles / D&D F

Ritual DnD Music / D&D Fantasy RPG

Ambush DnD Music / D&D Fantasy RPG

DnD Ambient - Cavern / D&D Fantasy

Oriental DnD Music for Epic Battles

Emotional Fantasy Music With Female

Peaceful DnD Music / D&D Fantasy RP

DnD Ambient - Forest / D&D Fantasy

DnD Music for Desperate Battles / D

Unstoppable Evil DnD Music / D&D Fa

Winter Outdoors / D&D Fantasy RPG

DnD Ambient - Rain / D&D Fantasy RP

DnD Ambient - Campfire

Classical Electronic Music


Suspense Intense DnD Music / D&D Fa

Unnerving DnD Music/ D&D Fantasy RP

Mysterious Dark DnD Music / D&D Fan

DnD Ambient - City / D&D Fantasy RP

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