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Primarily FLOW + FOCUS + CHILL + SLOW lists. Songs chosen on aesthetics and polish. Please visit my links for my submission guide!

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Jeremy Lim on Spotify

Flow State — Productivity and Work

Focus Instrumentals — Study and Rea

Flow Beats — Productivity and Work

Slow Down — Relaxation Music

Sirens — Female Vocalists on the Ri

Astra — Organic Ambient Music

Keys: Lux — Positive Piano Music

Cozy — Coffee Shop and Relaxation M

East — Asian Music on the Rise

Freedom — Uplifting Ambient Music

Terra — Ambient Beats

Journey — Emotional Soundtracks and

True North — Canadian Music on the

Orpheus — Male Vocalists on the Ris

Push — Workout Music for Freeletics

Cruise: Day — Driving Music

Cruise: Night — Driving Music

Laidback Lounge — Smooth Hangout Mu

Keys: Nox — Piano for Dark Moods

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