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PA74 Music

PA74 Music is a 100% Independent Music Publisher based in Italy with worldwide reach. We curate different genre of music, from pop to rock, dance, latin, jazz, world and more...

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PA74 Music International Artists

Guitar Heroes

World Music Roots

Unbreak My Heart

Modern Soul

Lockdown INDIE Playlist

Electric Dreams

Gothic Angel

Notte italiana


Relaxing Working Time

PA74 Music - Italia

Up to the Limit

Dirty School 🔥⚡

Pop Underground

Empire State - New Rap - Trap & Hip

American Style

DREAM POP Playlist

Bates Motel Playlist

Chupa Chups Playlist

Game Over

I HATE San Valentine Playlist

Girl Power

Heat The Engine

Acoustic Feelings

Lo-Fi Connection

Shock To the System

Pump Up The Volume

Latino Loco

1920 It's Jazz Time

Vibe Music Party!

Cover Mania

Hello I Love You - San Valentine Pl

Halloween Horror Party

Chillout Selection

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